The website got established as a result of the competition announced by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography in Warszawa, for:

Preparation of a concept and technical solutions (development of systems, together with implementation) regarding the development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure, within the framework of the project GEOPORTAL.GOV.PL

The study concerned:

Cadastral Node (County/district level - Powiat) of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure - systems for the management of spatial data databases, which are under the competencies of geodetic and cartographic services at county (district) level - in the variant assuming making use of the presently functioning data management systems.

In line with the competition rules, one of the aims of developing the system GEOPORTAL.GOV.PL has been the promotion of the state geodetic and cartographic resources, as the basic source of reference data for the economy.

The following assumptions deserve underlining, as they have had substantial influence upon the study:

  1. Compliance with he requirements of the Act of Law of May 17, 1989, Geodetic and Cartographic Law, together with the acts of execution and other regulations of the commonly binding law.
  2. Compliance with the requirements of the directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and Council of March 14 2007 establishing the spatial information infrastructure in the European Community (INSPIRE).
  3. Compliance with the requirements of national norms pertaining to spatial infrastructure, with ISO standards or OGC standards.
  4. Cohesive and comprehensive view of databases managed by individual systems functioning within the framework of nodes, by all authorized users at every level of Geodetic and Cartographic Services, providing the required efficiency level.
  5. Economic justification of the concept, taking into consideration the logical and physical separation of systems at the level of infrastructure nodes (sharing of resources).
  6. Possibility of applying different technologies and different application software for individual systems functioning within the framework of an SDI node, under the condition of meting the minimum defined functional requirements, in particular the input and output data structures, as well as interfaces for the reception of data and making data available.

The subject of the study has not been the description of competencies of individual levels of Geodetic and Cartographic services in respect of the access to specific functions of the system (e.g. browsing/viewing, editing), responsibility for data quality, collection of charges, and settlements related with that.

The requirements concerning functionalities and architecture assumed that:

  1. Spatial data infrastructure nodes should be located in administrative units of different levels.
  2. Nodes should perform functions and tasks proper for the competencies of a given unit of organization.
  3. Services offered by individual nodes should but together in one cohesive system, for which GEOPORTAL shall perform the role of a broker.
  4. Services are meant to have atomized character, while the complex functionalities are to be achieved by means of assembling simple services.

The study meant for the competition contained the following:

  • Concept of the functioning and implementation of the spatial data management systems, both for the central node, the provincial node, and the district (county) node (cadastral one), taking into consideration the existing organizational and legal conditions, and the aim of constructing the GEOPORTAL,
  • Implementation of the concept, in the scope limited to cadastral data in five district (county) nodes.

In parallel with the implementation of district/county (cadastral) nodes, within the framework of another study, the implementation of the central node (general geographic node) took place, within the framework of which the service of providing access to ortho-photomap registered plots is provided, developed as a result of work rendered for LPIS.

GEOPORTAL2.PL, using the services made available, serves the ortho-photomap and LPIS plots from the central node (general geographic data), as well as plots continuously updated by districts/counties.

The entire concept has been implemented in five districts/counties, yet gradually the number of districts making cadastral data available increases.

Because half of the districts/counties in Poland keep the database of land register in the EWMAPA system, which is at the same time the server of data for Internet (and client), the implementation of the concept does not mount up any greater difficulties.

The remaining districts/counties in Poland, which maintain the cadastral databases in other systems also make services available in the WMS format, which are served within the framework of